Hearing Loss and Dementia

There is a well-known link between hearing loss and dementia. Cognitive disorders often come with a lot of additional problems, and hearing loss is high on that list. Sound Choice Hearing checks to see if hearing loss is an early warning sign of something bigger. To prevent conditions from reaching their worst stages, early detection is always recommended.


A decline in language, memory and problem-solving skills are some of dementia’s symptoms. Alzheimer’s a type of dementia and the one people are most familiar with. Just like cancer, dementia covers a wide range of medical conditions. Multiple disorders can describe a patient with dementia, with overall differences being factored into the diagnosis. Damaged brain cells are one of the causes of the disease. Dementia is not tied to age and has been known to affect a younger demographic. Dying brain cells are the main cause, with the youngest age diagnosed being twenty-seven.

How hearing loss is related

When you hear the word senile, the first thing to come to mind is age. Getting older comes with a loss of many primary functions. One of the first to go is hearing, and studies have shown that trouble with hearing means you’re at a higher chance for dementia. This statistic is age-related, so factors in individuals sixty and older. But with over two -thirds of adults over seventy having hearing problems, it is a hard symptom to ignore. Hearing loss and mental decline share a category, so it is no surprise that it would be linked to dementia. Social interactivity becomes less of a daily task when hearing loss becomes a problem. When the brain isn’t used, there is a higher chance that interactivity will lead to undesirable side effects.

Finding a solution

Spending years with an untreated hearing problem will rob you of health. There is a clear link between hearing and mental decline, and it is something that should be immediately diagnosed. Your cognitive load should always be at a healthy level. That becomes an impossibility when hearing loss prevents you from fully interacting with people and the environment. Schedule a hearing evaluation to see if there are any challenges ahead for your health. Even if it is later on in life, a hearing instrument specialist is the right person for the job.