Hearing Test

The important events in your life require an adequate hearing ability. Social activities are one of the first things to suffer a downgrade from hearing loss. A hearing test from Sound Choice Hearing is the first step to getting healthier. It is noninvasive and will correct problems with the most common ear troubles.

What to expect

Our past medical history will shape the be a significant factor in determining test type. There may be some clues in your medical records that point a hearing instrument specialist in the right direction. Hearing tests are all about accuracy, so the more information provided, the better. The person administering the test will answer any questions about procedures. This is to ensure that the patient is comfortable before moving forward with any small or big measures. After the tests are done, the results will be explained in full detail.

Make time for the tests

You don’t need to clear out an entire day for tests. It does help if you come in relaxed since mood can affect how well you hear. Hearing loss is different for each person, so tests will be individualized for each patient. Most testing sessions finish in under an hour, with the majority of time spent discussing the results. If hearing aids are required, trial options may be available before making a big decision. Suggestions are made about the best device choice, but it is still your decision. The idea is to feel mentally and physically comfortable with whatever hearing aid you buy. This is a big decision that doesn’t require an immediate answer.

Here are some of the main tests

  • Tympanometry
  • Tone testing
  • Speech
  • Otoscopy

Your hearing is important

Treatment options are varied without affecting personal or professional routines. The technology to improve hearing problems takes lifestyle into consideration. A trip to the clinic doesn’t always mean that hearing damage needs treatment. Some hearing loss issues are temporary and can be resolved in a single day. To keep those temporary problems from becoming permanent, be proactive by scheduling an appointment. Until you see a hearing instrument specialist, you’re playing guessing games with hearing health. Testing provides a clear-cut solution that both sides can agree on.