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The continuous improvement of hearing products covers a wide range of types, designs and brands. Sound Choice Hearing always stays on top of recommendations by helping patients choose the right device. The evolving features of hearing aids are one of the many quality checks that a hearing instrument specialist looks for. There are a lot of options, but only a few that are considered top tier for your condition.

Hearing Technology

Modern Solutions For All Types of Hearing Loss

Thanks to advances in technology, hearing products are designed to be more compatible with our lives than ever before. In addition to hearing aids, there are a number of products that make living and communicating with hearing loss easier to manage, so you never miss a beat.

We offer a selection of hearing aid batteries to fit all types and styles of hearing aids. Disposable and rechargeable options are available. With any questions regarding which battery to use, please contact our office.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing Product Guide

Curious About Hearing Technology, but Not Sure Where to Start?

With so many styles and options, it can be difficult to know which products will suit your needs. Our Consumer Guide to Hearing Aids provides an in-depth breakdown of the different types of hearing devices, as well as the technology available for all types of hearing loss.

Guide to Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Hearing Products Created by the Best in the Industry

When it comes to hearing loss, you need a device you can rely on to perform its best. That’s why we carry products from manufacturers with a proven track record of exceptional quality. No matter your budget, lifestyle or type of hearing loss, we have a product to meet your needs.

Lyric Hearing Aids

The Lyric is one of the flagship hearing devices from Phonak. The company has modeled a lot of their popular hearing aids to be great for all-day wear. When paired with the myPhonak app, it is the perfect companion for any type of lifestyle.

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ReSound Hearing Aids

This company is well-known in more than eighty countries. ReSound is much more than hearing aids and has shown its strengths in both professional and consumer-related products. They aim to provide a complete hearing experience to anyone that suffers from hearing loss.

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Oticon Hearing Aids & Accessories

Oticon constantly updates their catalog to meet the demands of the hearing industry. Through the changes, Oticon has remained the second-largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world. They are no strangers to innovation and was the first to introduce internet-connected hearing aids as an option.

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Assistive Listening Technology

Additional Tools to Support Clear Communication

You don’t have to rely on hearing aids alone; assistive listening technology and compatible devices can help bring more clarity to conversations and are another great way to foster healthy communication and connections.