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We can help you hear better than you ever have before!

The OPN technology offers:

30% better speech understanding

20% less listening effort

20% more conversation retention

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Hearing Care and Hearing Aid Services

Treatment for auditory problems has the potential to change lives, even when the effects are minor. Sound Choice Hearing has treatment and device options for all types of hearing loss. Early diagnosis is a great way to avoid some of the critical side effects of the condition. A full life is ahead of you, so it is never too late for healthy hearing.

Our 10-point superior service includes:

  • FREE hearing tests
  • FREE one-week trial of any hearing aid
  • 24 hour on-call service
  • In-home service
  • Local: family owned and operated
  • No-interest / low payment options
  • "Pay once and you're done" guarantee
  • Trade-in credit for old hearing aids
  • Front Row Parking
  • Se Habla Espanol

Our Hearing Care Services

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Hearing aids are recommended during the hearing aid evaluation. The results of earlier tests will narrow down which devices are needed to restore normal ear functions. Your opinion is vital in this process and is always the final decision-maker. The advantages of each device vary and are explained in full detail by the hearing instrument specialist.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

During the fitting, you’ll finally get a chance to try out new personalized hearing aids. These devices are specifically programmed to an individual hearing needs. The fitting serves as a way to finalize the specifics of the hardware through live speech mapping. Important questions about care, maintenance and operation are shared during this meeting.

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Hearing Aid Repair

There is no need to worry about a hearing aid that becomes defective. Minor cleaning will clear up some of the most common problems. When it comes to a more severe problem, you can always bring it in for repair at Sound Choice Hearing. Anything that can’t be repaired onsite is shipped off to the manufacturer for a full diagnosis.

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Hearing Test

To find out if hearing loss affects your daily living, a test is required. The hearing test consists of several methods to measure both ears for damage. To get the most accurate results, a previous medical history may be required. Standard tests used include otoacoustic emissions, impedance, auditory brainstem response and audiometry. 

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Cerumen Removal

Ear Wax impactions can cause a number of complications, like temporary hearing loss, pain, balance problems and infection. We offer cerumen removal at our office and can provide instructions to help keep your ears free from impactions in the future.

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