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The Amazing Benefits of Smartphone Hearing Aids

hand holding a blue bte hearing aid

Smart technology is changing the way we interact with everyone around us. While, for the most part, it is to add convenience to our lives, currently, it makes conditions like hearing impairments easier to manage. If you have been using your hearing aids for a while and are thinking of getting something current and that works seamlessly, then you should get yourself some smartphone hearing aids. If you are still not convinced, here are the main reasons why they come in handy.

They can pair up with your device

One of the biggest perks of smartphone hearing aids is how they pair up with your smart device. You can set their levels using your phone, and there are apps on both android and apple to help you with this. You do not have to go through the trouble of taking them out and putting them back on every time you are in noisy environments. You will also hear any email notifications and messages in your ears, even if you are far from your phone. In other cases, you can even pair it up with the voice assistant on our device and give it commands to do certain things for you. The device will make a huge difference in your life.

Has features that attract the younger generations

Hearing aids have undergone various changes in the past to make them feel and look more modern. While they were hard to figure out in the past and even wear, they have been tweaked nowadays. The design has been changed over time to make it easy to wear and remove. Most youthful people need something that looks cool and even brag about, which is now available to them. Therefore, you can get it in a different design that appeals to this age bracket.

It makes it easier to find them

Just like glasses, it is easy to misplace your hearing aids. You might leave them lying around only to realize that you do not have them with you. There is nothing as annoying as turning your house upside down on a busy morning to look for your hearing aids. There are even days you might need to have a spare just to use those in case you misplace a pair. However, with the smartphone paired hearing aids, this will not worry you. All you have to do is pair them up with your smartphone, which will give you the location of your hearing aids. All those days of losing the hearing aids and not finding them will be gone with the wind.

Helps with language translation

Picture this, you are in a room with someone speaking a different language, and you get to understand them in real-time without needing to go to Google. It takes the whole real-time translation app to another level. While this feature might not be available for most hearing aids in the market, it is still an option. You can talk to your hearing instrument specialist to see if they have this type on the market, it might cost you slightly more, but it will be worth it in the long run as you talk to people from other countries.

It makes conversing in a loud place easy

One of the most annoying things about using hearing aids is balancing out the noise when in loud environments. You have to figure out the right sound balance to prevent hurting your ears, but you can still hear whoever you are talking to. With these devices, all that worry is dealt with. All you need is a small microphone, and you are good to go. You give the microphone to the person you are talking to, and the sound will be crisp and clean. It’s like an instant noise-canceling feature for you.

You can listen to music and watch movies

Another great thing about these hearing aids is that you can connect them to a device with features like your phone. You get to watch a movie or listen to music without needing to adjust anything. It’s almost like your own wireless earphones with the extra features.

Smartphone hearing aids are going to revolutionize the technological advances being made in the world. If you would like to try this new technology, you should go to Sound Choice Hearing to see what they are all about.  You can also call us today at 505-341-1300 to see what offers they have for you and how that will change the way you lead your life.