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How to Prepare for your Appointment with a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

a man having his ears examined by a hearing specialist

Getting your hearing checked is something that’s important to do on a regular basis but if you’ve never had one before, then what can you expect. A hearing instrument specialist has all the skills and experience needed to help check your hearing and to guide you through the process of getting a hearing aid. If it’s your first time in attending one, then here are some helpful tips on how to prepare for your appointment with a hearing instrument specialist (HIS).

Bring any & all background information

When you’re coming to your first appointment, just like any medical appointment, you may want to bring with you any background information and documents needed. This will give the HIS, all the information they need to help start off the consultation or check-up as quickly as possible. It will also make them aware of anything that they may have to look out for or consider when it comes to current medical conditions for yourself or perhaps previous family history problems. 

You should also provide your hearing instrument specialist with any additional information on any medication that you take as this can also be handy to know.

What do you need when it comes to your hearing?

Your hearing might be something you’ve not really thought about and perhaps you’re simply attending because a family member told you to come. Regardless, you should be having a little think about what you want to get from this appointment. Perhaps you have been having some difficulty with your hearing and therefore need to consider your options. 

You might struggle to hear certain sounds that you use to hear quite clearly. It could be that you’re finding it difficult to keep up with conversations or that you’ve experienced some pain or discomfort in your ears recently. Whatever you’ve noticed or not noticed, make sure you have a think about what you might need as the outcome of this appointment.

Ask questions

There are likely to be a lot of questions that you have along the way, whether it’s to do with the hearing and defining any conditions you might have, to understanding hearing aids and other devices. Write all these questions down and don’t forget to ask them. It’s worth asking any and all questions you have instead of clamming up and not saying anything for fear of embarrassment. 

You may have questions about costs and potential financing if you’re in the position where you need hearing aids. These are all legitimate and necessary questions and queries to ask. 

Take along someone to ease the nerves

There’s really nothing to be worried about when it comes to an appointment with your hearing instrument specialist. However, it might be something that eases your nerves by bringing along a friend, family member or colleague. It might be that you’ve brought them along for support or that you need them due to your quality of hearing being what it is. 

Whatever the reasons, it can be important to have someone you trust and love there to help you in this process. A second set of ears after all can listen to the conversation and talk you through everything if there’s any confusion when coming away from your appointment.

It can also be handy to have someone come along who knows you in case they need to explain what your hearing is like when in a scenario where they’re talking to you. They may be able to help get you a more defined diagnosis for your hearing. 

Do a little research

There’s always a benefit to being prepared so if you’re not sure what to expect with your first appointment, then it’s always good to do a bit of background research. There’s plenty of information on the internet of patients who’ve done the appointment before and have documented their experience online for people like you to read up on. If you’re worried, do some research and if those worries aren’t appeased, you can always check-in before your appointment to raise these concerns.

It’s important that you don’t stress about your hearing appointment with a HIS. They are there to offer guidance and support when it comes to your hearing. They just want to get the best option for you that is going to elevate and aid your hearing in the best possible way. 

If you’re looking into getting your hearing checked, or want more information on the different styles of hearing aid, then it’s worth getting in touch with Sound Choice Hearing who can help you at 505-341-1300. They can talk you through your requirements and get you booked in for your first appointment right away.