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Everyday Activities that Could Harm Your Hearing

a man wearing proper ear protection while working

No one wants to purposefully cause damage to their hearing but we can often forget just how vulnerable our ears can be loud sounds. It’s important to remind ourselves about the dangers that certain environments can present when it comes to our hearing. There are definitely some everyday activities that can have an impact on your hearing if you’re not taking the necessary precautions to protect your ears. To keep your ears and hearing in good shape, there are some everyday activities that could harm your hearing and are therefore worth avoiding.

What is noise-induced hearing loss?

Noise-induced hearing loss is the loss of hearing due to noises and this can often be damage that happens over time. It could be something that you notice, or it may be ever so slightly each time that you don’t really notice it until you have loved ones repeating themselves and asking you to get your hearing checked.

Regardless of your age, anyone can be exposed to loud noises and therefore be subjected to hearing loss. Sound that’s measured over a certain number of decibels can be dangerous and this is usually over the level of 85. However, as we don’t go around on a daily basis with a decibel checker, how do we know what is classed as excessive sound and what’s not? 

We must use our own judgment in some cases and what we’re told from a scientific standpoint. There are plenty of everyday activities that could result in hearing loss to some degree and that’s why there are laws in place to protect those at work against hearing loss.

Everyday activities that could harm your hearing

Let’s look at what everyday activities might be putting your ears at harm. Some of these you may already be doing without any protection for your ears, so make a note of any that you need to be more aware of when it comes to your hearing. 

Concerts/Music events

Attending a concert or music event is a place where you’re likely to hear a lot of loud noise as they tend to up the volume in order to be heard over all the attendees who may be singing, talking and shouting. It’s important that these events have that atmosphere and so when it comes to concerts or music events, you should be weary of how close you’re standing and what you take with you to protect your ears. Earplugs are going to be effective in keeping your ears safe if you’re close to the stage and even when you’re further back, it might be worth putting them in.

Riding a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle surprisingly can be damaging to your ear health. The decibel levels can rise very quickly the faster you go and so if you’re spending hours on the road, then this can be a lot more damaging than you think it would be, especially with the engine noise and the wind.

Hunting & shooting

Getting outdoors is important but one thing to remember about any hunting or shooting is that it’s important to wear protection over your ears. The sound levels that guns make can reach staggering levels of 160 decibels and that’s double the minimum level that sound causes damage to the ears. 

Wearing headphones or earbuds

One of the biggest threats to your hearing is one that’s most common for those who like to listen to music. Wearing headphones or earbuds for long periods of time is bad enough but when you have the volume set to high levels, this could really do some damage to your hearing too.

Your work environment 

The job that you have might involve working situations where you’re subjected to loud noises. If that’s the case, then your employer should be providing you with the safety equipment needed. If that’s not happening, then you’ll want to bring it up with the individuals necessary and take further legal action if damage to your hearing occurs due to a lack of protection in the workplace. 

Treating hearing loss

Even though noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, there are options that a hearing instrument specialist might be able to offer you to improve your hearing. Hearing aids can help to amplify sound and may be just what you need to get yourself hearing a little more clearly again. Why not get in touch with Sound Choice Hearing to book yourself in for an appointment at 505-341-1300. They can help you figure out what you need and how to help aid your hearing loss.