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Best Hearing Aids for Seniors

an older woman being fitted for hearing aids

If you want to make sure that you are choosing the right hearing aid for your needs, then you’ll be glad to know that this is very possible to do, when you have the right information to hand. That is why we have created this guide for you, so you can find out everything you need to know without any difficulty.

In the ear (ITE)

Full shell models sit very flush in the outer bowl of the ear. The size of them allows you to have a huge level of control, not to mention that you also have the directional microphone as well. Hearing aids like this use a much bigger battery when compared to the smaller styles and they can fit a very big receiver as well. This gives them enough power to accommodate those who have a severe level of hearing loss. Hearing aids like this are very flexible and this makes them highly recommended for those who are struggling with their hearing.

Behind the ear (BTE)

Behind the ear models sit behind the ear. It’s also possible for them to sit on top of the outer ear as well. The tubing routes any sounds down into the ear via the earmold before it is secured in the ear canal. BTE are available in a huge range of colors and this gives you the chance to blend it in with either your hair or your skin tone. There are even chrome colors available as well, so you can easily find something that you feel comfortable wearing. Different BTE models will accommodate different battery types, features, controls and even power. Some people choose discreet BTE that are not noticeable when worn. This is very popular with seniors.

What you need to know about hearing aids

Hearing aids come in two basic styles. You have those that fit in the ear, and then you have those that fit behind the ear. When you have one that fits in the ear, you will need to have the aid customized to fit. The electronics are then fit into the custom-shell.  They range from ones that fit in the canal to ones that fit in the entire bowl of the ear. BTE hearing aids have a small case which fits behind your ear. This sends the sound to your canal via tubing and wiring. This doesn’t fit inside your ear, but you do get access to more features and they are also easier to adjust. This makes them more suited to seniors, or those who have severe hearing loss.

In the canal (ITC)

ITC instruments sit in the outer ear bowl, in the lower portion. This makes them comfortable and very easy to use. They are slightly bigger when compared to other CIC models and the battery life is much longer as well. This means that they can easily host additional features, which include microphones. This alone makes them ideal if you are in a very noisy environment.

They are suited to those who have moderate or mild hearing loss. You also have IIC, which is the smallest option available. This stands for invisible in canal, as they are placed behind the second bend of the ear canal.  Lastly, there is completely in canal. These hearing aids sit very deep inside the ear canal and they offer a high level of cosmetic value as they are nearly invisible when they are worn. However, they are only recommended for seniors who still maintain refined dexterity skills.

Other factors

You have to remember that technology alone is not the key to improving your hearing. There are a huge number of other factors that come into choosing your hearing aid, such as the anatomy of your outer ear, your manual dexterity and even the amount of hearing loss you have. Individual variations can pose unique challenges and therefore you may require a different type of amplification. 

As a general rule, the bigger your hearing aid is, the more power it will offer and the easier it will be for you to insert it and clean it. On top of this, the battery life will last longer as well. Your hearing specialist will be able to work with you to make sure that you are getting the right one for your needs, so you won’t have to worry about that. If you want to speak with a hearing instrument specialist then contact Sound Choice Hearing at 505-341-1300. When you do, we can then work with you to give you the service and the hearing aid you need, in no time at all.