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Hearing Health Blog

Hearing loss typically occurs when we’re exposed to loud noises for a long period of time. Unfortunately, most of us don’t really know what loud noise is unless we measure it accurately with some kind of device. As a general rule of thumb, anything that causes even the slightest bit of discomfort could potentially cause hearing loss if you’re exposed

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Manufacturers design most hearing aids to provide a bespoke fit for the wearer so that the patient can wear them all day. To achieve this, they have either an earmold or a dome. Earmolds are a custom piece of plastic or silicone that perfectly conforms to the shape of your ear. To create an earmold, a specialist first takes an

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Many people, including some professionals, associate hearing loss with aging. They see it as an inevitable part of life that individuals have little to no control over. However, research is proving otherwise. People with the healthiest diets and eat the best food can better protect their hearing for longer. They’re less likely to wear hearing aids or struggle to hear

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If you believe that you have hearing loss, you may have considered whether you need a hearing aid. Unfortunately, if you haven't experienced hearing loss before, you might not know the right time to intervene. In general, most patients wait many years before going for a checkup. The solution is to go for regular hearing tests every couple of years

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Many people believe that earbuds and headphones are bad for hearing. They can be, but it depends on how one uses them. For example, earbuds have been found to cause hearing loss when the volume level is too high or if someone listens to music at a high volume for long periods without giving their ears a break. On the

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Modern technology has forever altered the way that we live; and this is especially true of the way we power our devices, whether they be smartphones, digital cameras, or yes, hearing aids. For too long, hearing aid users were stuck with old-style batteries while everyone else around them used various electronic devices with handy rechargeable batteries built-in. That is, thankfully,

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According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, about 48-million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. Still, just one in every five people who would benefit from a hearing aid uses one. If you or a loved one experiences hearing loss, you may be wondering how much hearing aids cost. Here's all you need to know about choosing the

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Does your child experience hearing loss? The right hearing instruments and fittings, such as hearing aids, can be vital for the child's speech and educational development. Therefore, it is your role as a parent to take your child to a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) for early diagnosis. Find out more about taking your child to a hearing care professional.  What

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Smart technology is changing the way we interact with everyone around us. While, for the most part, it is to add convenience to our lives, currently, it makes conditions like hearing impairments easier to manage. If you have been using your hearing aids for a while and are thinking of getting something current and that works seamlessly, then you should

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The most common fact about hearing aids is that they help people hear, and almost everyone has heard of hearing aids . But there are some other cool facts about hearing aids that you might not know.  Quick hearing loss facts : Forty-eight million people in the United States have hearing loss.  Two in three people over 75 have age-related hearing

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