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We can help you hear better than you ever have before!

The OPN technology offers:

30% better speech understanding

20% less listening effort

20% more conversation retention

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Industry News

Signia, the industry´s most experienced, global leader in rechargeable hearing aid solutions, today unveils Cellion primax™, the world’s first lithium-ion-powered rechargeable hearing aid to make use of wireless inductive charging technology. Cellion primax will give hearing aid wearers the convenience of virtually unlimited wireless streaming for up to two days’ use on a single charge*. Available this Fall, Cellion is

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In a new study published in Trends and Cognitive Sciences , researchers say they have identified the defects in the brain that lead to tinnitus and chronic pain. The team hopes the findings will be the first step to developing therapies for these common complaints. The authors of this new research - from Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) in Washington,

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Hearing loss is a significant public health concern, and efforts should be made to provide adults with easier access to and more affordable options for hearing health care, especially for those in underserved and vulnerable populations, says a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The committee that carried out the study and wrote the report

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Picture a rock and roll concert, with music blaring out of giant speakers on stage. Now imagine a sophisticated symphony performance. Which group of musicians would be more likely to suffer hearing loss? Surprisingly, it’s classical musicians who may be most at risk, according to an expert at Baylor College of Medicine. “We don’t generally think of musicians as being

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A RUB study demonstrates: in many countries, hearing screenings of newborn infants are inadequate or are not performed at all. Whereas an early diagnose is crucial in order to treat the disorder successfully. Tests immediately after birth Prof Dr Katrin Neumann's study demonstrates that developing countries in particular are lagging behind in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairments. As

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