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As presbycusis happens very gradually, it cannot be easily recognized. The different signs and symptoms that are associated with ARHL are as follows: The sound of other people's talk seems mumbled. People start repeating dialogues for you to hear. Difficulty in understanding in a noisy background. Difficulty in keeping pace with group conversations. Feeling a need for applying more concentration

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New research from Oregon Health & Science University offers insight into the development of hair bundles deep within the inner ear that are critical to hearing. The bundles inside the spiral cavity of the ear convert vibrational energy into electrical signals in the brain. They do not regenerate once they are lost, either from loud noises, disease or aging. The study, published

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American Girl welcomes its newest doll, a surfer and cheerleader named Joss Kendrick, who uses a hearing aid. On Tuesday, the doll company released its latest family member, who hails from Southern California as its 2020 Girl of the Year, in partnership with 17-year-old pro surfer Caroline Marks, who will compete in the premiere U.S. Women’s Olympic surfing team, according to

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Playing sports may improve the brain's ability to process sounds, a finding that could lead to new therapies for people who struggle with hearing, researchers report. "No one would argue against the fact that sports lead to better physical fitness, but we don't always think of brain fitness and sports," said study senior author Nina Kraus. She's a professor of

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The path from student to researcher is not set in stone; most take the more traditional route where they choose a field during their undergraduate years and keep with it through master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Then, there are others who happen upon the field and, unsuspectingly, fall in love with it.  Jennifer Stone, a research professor at the UW, falls

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