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The OPN technology offers:

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20% more conversation retention

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Hearing Health Blog

If you use hearing aids, one of the first things you’ll learn to do after your fitting is to replace the batteries. Hearing aid batteries come in various shapes and sizes and you can buy both rechargeable and disposable batteries. If you’re new to the world of hearing aids, or you’re unsure which batteries to buy, your hearing instrument specialist

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It doesn’t matter if you play the guitar, drums, triangle or sing the songs yourself, experiencing hearing loss is something that can affect any musician regardless of whether they play to massive crowds every night or just to their pets in their basement. Today, we’re going to look at everything about hearing protection for musicians to prevent this experience affecting

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Nearly 50 million American citizens experience some form of hearing loss, making it essential to know your options if you need to seek treatment for hearing loss. While many insurance providers are beginning to offer coverage for hearing aids, you may still find it difficult to get the policy you need and want.To help you get an idea of your

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Tinnitus is defined as a ringing in the ears that is believed to affect around 15-20% of people. This can be a very uncomfortable condition and can lead to balance problems and feelings of nausea, etc. If left untreated, tinnitus can cause issues with things like depression, anxiety and a lack of concentration, and this means taking action as soon

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Have you recently been diagnosed with hearing loss by a hearing instrument specialist? If so, then the next step will be to get the right treatment and support . Typically, the answer here will always be hearing aids. Hearing aids can help you hear sounds more clearly in a variety of situations. As such, they can provide a significant benefit

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